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Michelle Walker—

Michelle Walker
Artist: Michelle Walker
Track: Summer’s Nearly Over
Album: Backbone

Summer’s Nearly Over is the upbeat new single from far-north Queenslander Michelle Walker. The track is about enjoying those special moments in life as they happen because we never know what’s around the corner. And, after all, isn’t it all about the journey?

The single is lifted from Michelle’s Backbone album—music by Lindsay Waddington and songs written by Michelle herself. Along with some exceptional Australian country music musicians, Michelle plays electric piano, organ and backing vocals.

Michelle writes not only for herself, but for other recording artists as well. Affectionately dubbed the “Pocket Rocket” she brings her own distinct sound and flavour unique to country music. Offering a diverse range of music, her stories range from the sweetest ballads to strong foot-stomping country rock anthems.

Website: Michelle Walker

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