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Mitch Tambo
Artist: Mitch Tambo
Track: Love
Single: Love

Love, Mitch Tambo’s new single follows his iconic performance at Fire Fight Australia with John Farnham, Olivia Newton-John and Queen’s Brian May.

An upbeat anthem, Love delivers a powerful message of hope to a world undergoing crisis. “Within this current climate, we find ourselves in isolation craving for many of the things we love in this world. Love is a reminder to reach deep down within, heal and set our spirits free with love, healing and hope for a better tomorrow,” says Mitch. “If we can use this time to work on loving ourselves better and loving others better when this is all over, we will be ready to move forward as a collective like never before.”

The song was written before the global COVID19 crisis, but Mitch says its universal themes have taken on a new meaning as we are isolated from the things, places and people we love. “I wrote Love on my way back to suburbia after being on my country and feeling the unconditional love that I feel when I’m there. Love is about that one particular space we go to as humans to find love and healing, where our hearts are broken open and set free with love. For some it’s going to the footy with the family, others could be sitting on a headland watching the waves roll in.

“For me, it’s being back out in the bush on my country hearing the cockatoos sing at sunset, watching the stars light the sky with ancient stories and being lost in the dance of the camp fire.”

It’s been a massive twelve months for the Melbourne-based songwriter, who first came to national attention last year when he performed John Farnham’s iconic anthem You’re the Voice on Australia’s Got Talent, wearing the Dhinawan and Murray crest and feathers, which have significant meaning to his people. Mitch released a version of the song in late 2019 and competed in Eurovision: Australia Decides with his uniting track Together.

Website: Mitch Tambo

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