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Patsy & Dave—

Patsy and Dave
Artist: Patsy & Dave
Track: Dream Vacation
Single: Dream Vacation

Country music duo Patsy & Dave have released their latest single, Dream Vacation.

This marks the first single since the duo rebranded from The Long and the Short of It, and bringing a fresh perspective to their music.

Dream Vacation is an ode to the longing for a dream getaway, written by acclaimed songwriter Kenny Royster, who pitched the song to Patsy Toop and Dave Baird. The duo found it perfectly suited their musical style, with Dave’s soulful voice that blends seamlessly with Patsy’s harmonies creating a captivating and guitar-driven sound that is quintessentially Patsy & Dave.

“We absolutely loved Dream Vacation from the moment we heard it,” says Dave. “It's a dream sequence that’s really happy, and every time I watch the film clip, it puts a smile on my face. They’re even calling me Penelope now from Thunderbirds!” adds Patsy.

The duo recorded Dream Vacation as part of their upcoming album, set to be released in September. The duo have put their unique stamp on the song, as they transition between heartfelt ballads and energetic country rock, highlighting their versatility.

Website: Patsy & Dave

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