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Raechel Whitchurch—

Raechel Whitchurch
Artist: Raechel Whitchurch
Track: You Ain’t One of Us
Single: You Ain’t One of Us

Raechel Whitchurch’s latest single, You Ain’t One of Us, follows the success of My Father.

Raechel wrote You Ain’t One of Us after feeling like she was “too much”. “I was too loud, too forward, too excited,” she says. “Just too much. It wasn’t the first time I’d felt this way and I know it won’t be the last. Sometimes we just don’t fit in with the people around us and it can be heartbreaking, making us question if we need to tone it down a bit. I tried, and you know what? It was the hardest five minutes of my life.”

You Ain’t One of Us was recorded at Love Hz Studios with Matt Fell, who has worked with some of the brightest stars in Australia’s country scene. And when it comes to stars, Raechel is determined to keep hers shining bright. “The truth is, it’s okay not to fit in everywhere and with everyone,” she says. “It forces us out into the world to find our people so rather than give up, I decided to keep going and keep believing that who I am is who I was made to be. This moment of clarity came for me halfway through writing the song and what started as a story of self-doubt and loneliness became a song of hope and confidence. I hope it helps someone else find that little spark too.”

Website: Raechel Whitchurch

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