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Ray Jones—

Ray Jones
Artist: Ray Jones
Track: Cheap Suit
Album: Sleeping Rough

Cheap Suit, from Ray Jones’s album Sleeping Rough, was originally written by American singer–songwriter Jeffrey Foucault. It was written about his father and his early musical experiences. Ray Jones and Bill Chambers took the song into the studio, recorded a cover totally different from its original recording and just “country’d it up”.

An established singer songwriter, Ray takes his listeners on a soul-fuelled journey, sharing his original songs and the stories behind them. Influenced by the country Americana movement, Ray turns his song writing to deeply personal life experiences and hard-hitting social issues.

Living in the quiet Western Australia coastal hamlet of Myalup Beach, Ray draws inspiration from his surroundings. He worked in collaboration with Bill Chambers over the past twelve months writing songs, with Bill recording and producing the album. Ray is passionate about honest country music and delivering a meaningful performance to his audience.

Website: Ray Jones

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