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Rick Hart—

Rick Hart
Artist: Rick Hart
Track: This Heart
Single: This Heart

Rick Hart’s This Heart paints a reflection of love lost, but always pledged. Navigating waves of heartache and remorse, it emits a gamut of emotions. In doing so, it finds singer-songwriter Rick doing what he does best, delivering a heartfelt, introspective tale of regret, longing and unrequited devotion laid upon a melancholic, country swell that harks back to a heartbreaking simplicity of country songs of old.

With a voice that floats with soulful warmth and honesty, Rick is a storyteller whose words and melodies weave through the dynamics and extremes of human emotions and relationships, with delicate and unique insight and observation; a perfect tapestry of melody-soaked simplicity and thoughtful, heartfelt imagery.

Rick grew up on a diet of his father’s country, rock’n’roll and soul records, with staples including Rolling Stones, Merle Haggard, George Jones, Kris Kristofferson and Waylon Jennings echoing through the hallways and leaving their eternal mark.

This multi award winning songwriter delivers songs, often simple in nature, yet endearing in ways that remain with the listener. Rick can sing the life out of a heartache, and seamlessly weaves country, folk, soul, blues and rock’n’roll to create a sound all his own.

Website: Rick Hart

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