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Riley Catherall—

Riley Catherall
Artist: Riley Catherall
Track: Leave Me Out to Dry
Single: Leave Me Out to Dry

With a new album set for release later this year, Riley Catherall has given us a taste of what’s to come with the release of his single Leave Me Out to Dry which continues his tradition of emotional storytelling and powerful vocals.

Riley says the song “acts as a sort of sequel to Watered Down Man, which encapsulated a version of myself notoriously stumbling my way through Melbourne’s streets heralding a warning not to get too close. It’s a bit of a mantra for myself to ensure I’m not slipping back into the same state.”

The track was recorded with Damian Cafarella at EOR Studios in Victoria and features a simple, touching arrangement that allows Riley’s yearning vocals to really shine. He sings, “Out of my mind, fallen by the wayside, kiss me on my good side then leave me out to dry,” giving the sense of both a plea for help and acquiescence of the seemingly hopeless situation.

Website: Riley Catherall

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