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Ronnie Joudo—

Ronnie Joudo
Artist: Ronnie Joudo
Track: I Use to be Her Cowboy
Single: I Use to be Her Cowboy

Following on from his hit, She’s the One, Ronnie Joudo releases his latest offering, I Use to be Her Cowboy, a break-up ballad. Ronnie’s rich and authentic vocal style articulates the misery and longing behind every word in the song.

Legendary Australian Country Music performer and songwriter, Ace Fender, knew Ronnie’s voice was something special when he discovered the singer in the early 2000s. Before Fender’s untimely death some years later he had mentored Ronnie and gifted him songwriting experience that Joudo describes as “unbelievable”.

While many of his contemporaries struggle to fuse meaningful lyrics with a modern sound, Ronnie makes it looks easy. “I love writing these types of country songs and mixing them with the modern pop country sound,” he admits. “The idea for the song came from the general perception of how cowboys have a bad boy image. How they are quickly guilty of something even though they are innocent.”

When Ronnie found leading Australian guitarist and producer, Rod Motbey in 2019, a spark was lit. The pair have since collaborated frequently to create Ronnie’s timely sound at Rod’s Tracking Dog Studios, hidden just a stone’s throw from Sydney on the picturesque south coast. “I have a great relationship with Rod Motbey,” exclaims Ronnie. “He is able to engage my traditional country style and compose it with his modern pop country music production.”

Website: Ronnie Joudo

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