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Route 33—

Route 33
Artist: Route 33
Track: One Thing Right
Single: One Thing Right

Popular country duo, Route 33’s latest powerful single, One Thing Right, written by the duo, Trent McArdle and Jock Barnes, is about the “other half” in your world making you a better person. It’s a reflection of the ups and downs in life, that no one is perfect and shares a realisation that life may not always go as planned, but if you have the right person by your side, together you can overcome anything. Even if we make mistakes, they’re always there for us.

One Thing Right, was produced by Matt Copley and engineered by Tom Garnett, with mastering by Leon Zervos.

In an unusual start to a music career, Trent and Jock connected not through song, but on the sporting field. That said, it only took one unplanned jam session after a game, and the guys realised they were onto something special. That bond has now become a multi-million streaming partnership that has seen the band become a fan-favourite

Website: Route 33

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