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Route 33
Artist: Route 33
Track: Quarter Past You
Single: Quarter Past You

Route 33’s Trent McArdle and Jock Barnes have released the second single from their forthcoming third album, Quarter Past You.

Written by Trent and Jock, the track charts the course of emotional recovery, and the roller coaster that comes with a relationship breakdown, with the lyrics based on the 24-hour cycle. The ultimate message being that for a period there, you are always thinking about the person you have split up with no matter what time it is. Some days are better than others, with the hardest times generally at night, when you’re alone with time to think.

Growing up in Kingaroy and the Sunshine Coast, Trent and Jock met through the sporting field, jammed together one fateful afternoon, and have played together ever since. With Covid crippling the touring circuit in 2020, the pair took to the studio, writing and recording tracks that they would refine and release once the clouds had cleared.

Website: Route 33

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