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Ryan Daykin—

Ryan Daykin
Artist: Ryan Daykin
Track: Broken Feathers
Single: Broken Feathers

Broken Feathers, a fragile and poignant track, is the first release in nearly two years from Victorian singer-songwriter, Ryan Daykin.

“This was the first song I’d been a part of writing after I took a bit of a break—I got lost in somewhat of an identity crisis with my writing and was dissatisfied with what I was creating because I was struggling to connect to anything,” says Ryan. “I needed the right opportunity and circumstance to be open and vulnerable enough to tap into that part of myself so I could write a song like this. As soon as we finished the writing sessions, I just lay on my bed and cried—but that’s the beauty of songwriting.”

Produced by the award winning Matt Fell at LoveHz studios, Broken Feathers was co-written by Australian music icon, Felicity Urquhart. It is a hauntingly beautiful tale that explores the concept of heartbreaking loss, and learning to live in the aftermath.

“Writing Broken Feathers with Felicity was an experience I’ll never forget,” says Ryan. “I’m so proud of the special song we created—its quite a dark song but has some really beautiful metaphors.”

Website: Ryan Daykin

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