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Sara Berki—

Sara Berki
Artist: Sara Berki
Track: Favour
Single: Favour

In less than eighteen months since the release of her debut single, Bundaberg born, Southern Highlands raised, Sara Berki has established herself as one of the most exciting and prolific new artists in Australian country music. She continues the momentum with her fiery new single, Favour. The self-penned track, her eighth overall, follows the success of previous single, A Boy That’s into Trucks.

Favour is a u-turn for Sara, a bold and empowering song about being cheated on, but ultimately being stronger for the experience. The track features the most electric production of Sara’s releases to date.

Favour is a song written from a past experience of being cheated on,” says Sarah. “I was hurting and even though my friends would tell me that I was so much better off, I just couldn’t see it at the time. There are so many things you can do to try and get over someone, but the best feeling is reaching the point when you realise that you’ve healed and that they’ve ultimately done you a favour.”

Sarah continues, “Production wise, I wanted to do something different to anything I’ve released before. It’s heavy and I really think it’s a surprising choice of production, which I was so keen to tap into. Inspirations have come from my rock and roll upbringing. It’s super dynamic, the bass and drums are punchy, and I love that there’s fiddle and banjo following the riff. This is a fun song to play live!”

Website: Sara Berki

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