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Sarah Leete—

Sarah Leete
Artist: Sarah Leete
Track: One That Got Away
Single: One That Got Away

Sarah Leete continues her return to music in 2021 with her latest single, One That Got Away. Fresh from the success of Nothin’ Special, One That Got Away is a song of beautifully balanced melancholy and optimism.

Produced by Michael Muchow at The Moon Room studio, One That Got Away demonstrates Sarah’s special ability to write songs that relate to people deep in their hearts. It’s an “I’m happy that you’re happy” reflection on a past relationship. “I loved the sentiment of wishing someone well who had previously meant so much to you even though you are no longer together,” says Sarah.

Melody Moko’s song, Benjamin, inspired the idea, and about a month after hearing that for the first time, an ex of mine posted on social media about getting engaged to his new girlfriend. It was now something that I could relate to personally, so I sat down to write about it."

Website: Sarah Leete

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