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Shane Nicholson—

Shane Nicholson
Artist: Shane Nicholson
Track: And You Will Have Your Way
Album: Living in Colour

ARIA Award and Golden Guitar winning Shane Nicholson has released his new single And You Will Have Your Way, from his album Living in Colour.

Shane is skilful and talented, equally adept at songwriting, producing, performing and recording. As he enters the third decade of his recording career, he grapples with his emotions in response to a good deal of personal turmoil. He has turned this emotion into a remarkable new single, And You Will Have Your Way. “In my 20s the world seemed basically full of possibilities,” says Shane. “I had this idea that there were elders to me that were learned, educated people, intelligent people, and they took care of everything. Then my 30s came along and I had kids. I started thinking about what the world would be like for them. By the time my 40s arrived my old world-view had almost completely fallen apart, and I had reached peak cynicism.”

And You Will Have Your Way is an almost jaunty shuffle that disguises deep questions about who to trust, and who to love. Shane says, “I guess, in a broad sense, the song is an admission that I find it difficult to have love for everyone and everything that we are and that we’ve become. I sometimes struggle with that a lot.”

Shane is a rare talent who has bridged the gap between alt-country and the mainstream. He crafts his songs seamlessly and can wrap up difficult subject matters with music of uplifting beauty and charm. And You Will Have Your Way captures his charismatic talent for writing striking songs that pay tribute to the unpredictability of human experience.

Website: Shane Nicholson

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