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Sharner Burcher—

Sharner Burcher
Artist: Sharner Burcher
Track: Rise from the Ashes
Album: Backwards Town

Chart-topping singer songwriter Sharna Burcher returns with her latest single Rise from the Ashes, ahead of the release of her sophomore album Backwards Town.

Rise from the Ashes was inspired by an article I read in the paper about a lady who was charged with the murder of her husband. During the trial, it was discovered she was a victim (and survivor) of domestic violence,” Sharna says. “Her story really stuck with me and it got me thinking about other women that I knew that had been in abusive relationships, and how hard it was for them. Rise from the Ashes is a song about strength, resilience and survival.”

Sharna channels the history of country music into a sound all of her own and Rise from the Ashes is heartfelt piece while providing a message of hope.

Website: Sharner Burcher

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