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Silverstring Outlaws—

Silverstring Outlaws
Artist: Silverstring Outlaws
Track: South
Single: South

South is the brand new catchy country rockin’ tune from Silverstring Outlaws that will have your boots tappin’ and head noddin’ and ready for a good night out.

Silverstring Outlaws was formed by a mix of multiple pub rock bands in the early 2000s. The members came together, sharing their love of hard rock and country music.

The seven-piece consists of Steve, Tanya and Kane on vocals, providing a great mix and versatility over all vocal ranges, with Don and Seb on guitar, Dave on bass and Tom on drums.

Having shared the stage with many award winning local and international acts, including the Wolverines, the Wolfe Brothers, Sam Riddle, Sunny Cowgirls, Steve Eales, and Andrew Swift, Silverstring Outlaws really know how to shine when the spotlight is switched on, and they are ready to leave a big mark in 2020.

Website: Silverstring Outlaws

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