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Suz Dorahy—

Suz Dorahy
Artist: Suz Dorahy
Track: Tell You
Single: Tell You

Tell You, produced by Catherine Britt, is the first of an incredible batch of new songs by Suz Dorahy.

“Not in my wildest dreams did I think at this point in my life would I be standing here with Catherine Britt being signed to her brand new record label. I’m so very excited for you to hear this new music,” says Suz.

Tell You is a story of betrayal, simple and strong while revealing much vulnerability. At its core is a sentiment that is instantly relatable and full of stone cold truth. “It took a mighty blow to crack me to the core,” says Dorahy. “It's that moment of realisation where it turns out some folk are not who you thought they were.”

Suz is an authentic and nuanced singer and songwriter, but her journey didn’t come easily. “I spent seven years being a recluse and just tapping into my music because it took me to another place away from the darkness of depression and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder),” she explains. “Music was my saviour.”

Website: Suz Dorahy

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