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Sydnee Carter—

Sydnee Carter
Artist: Sydnee Carter
Track: Give It All Away
Single: Give It All Away

Sydnee Carter’s new single Give It All Away ushers in the next phase of what is already a runaway career. Focusing the heightened emotion of love at first sight, Give It All Away is brimming with hope and naivety, energising Sydnee’s incredible voice with the irresistible optimism of youth.

In 2015 Sydnee earned a coveted WAM Award in the Under 18s category, and was a finalist in Telstra's highly competitive songwriting tournament, Road to Discovery. A year later she was accepted into the prestigious Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts to study contemporary music, and found her first taste of overseas success performing showcases at Singapore’s Music Matters conference.

Enjoying wave after wave of growth, Sydnee’s beautiful coming-of-age single When We Were Young kicked things off, earning her a WAM Song of the Year Award. From there, she was involved in a series of career-defining collaborations includng the wildly successful Afraid Unafraid which she also co-wrote with Slumberjack, the European hit Heartbeat with Leroy Styles, and Money from the #1 charting Vintage Modern album by Australian hip hop icon 360.

Sydnee is working towards longevity and substance, and Give It All Away proves she has the ability, flair and work ethic to back it up.

Website: Sydnee Carter

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