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Tania Murray—

Tania Murray
Artist: Tania Murray
Track: Follow Me Down to the River
Single: Follow Me Down to the River

Follow Me Down to the River is the debut single from Australian country singer–songwriter, Tania Murray. Written by Tania and produced, engineered and mixed by multi-award-winning producer, Matt Fell, Follow Me Down to the River has a dark country outlaw sound that takes you down to the muddy waterside through a tale of seduction and devilish ways. Bursting out the gate with mean guitars and a stomping beat, Tania’s voice calls out to be answered by twanging banjos and ukuleles that bring cheer to the track.

The song features Tania on acoustic guitar, lead and backing vocals; Matt on bass, guitars, banjo, ukulele, papoose, keyboards, and percussion; Miles Thomas on drums; Nardia Drayton on the bridge backing vocals.

Tania, born deaf in her right ear, grew up on Sydney’s Northern Beaches of Sydney. She won Channel 10’s New Faces (pretending she was older than she was in order to qualify for the contest). In Year 11 aged 17, she traded her high school bag for a suitcase, becoming a full time musician performing throughout the world on European and local cruise ships.

Tania’s initial song writing success came from her indie rock duo Little Pleasures with Everytime I Hear Rammstein. Growing up on a strict diet of Cat Stevens and Simon & Garfunkel, there’s a lot of folk in Tania’s songs, her tracks always full of harmonies and heavy backing vocals.

Website: Tania Murray

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