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Terry Bennetts—

Terry Bennetts
Artist: Terry Bennetts
Track: Welcome to Australia
Album: A Fortunate Life

Welcome to Australia is the third single from Terry Bennett’s album, A Fortunate Life.

“It is a comedy song that had its beginnings when we travelled to Europe three years ago and we were constantly told by the Europeans that they wouldn’t travel to Australia because every creature here wants to do you harm,” says Terry. “They mentioned our deadly spiders, snakes, crocodiles, sharks etc. which we have learned to live with so this little song was born from their fears. We decided to make this the latest release as the world could maybe use a bit of humour at the moment.”

Terry, born and raised on a farm at Kendenup in the south west of Western Australia, began playing guitar at thirteen, joined a band at fifteen in Perth, and played lead guitar and sang in bands for many years. He writes and performs Bush Ballad songs about the Australian way of life. Many of his songs originate from his own experiences as an Australian growing up in the bush.

Website: Terry Bennetts

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