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Tony Kennelly—

Tony Kennelly
Artist: Tony Kennelly
Track: Wasted Time
Album: Battlegrounds

According to Tony Kennelly, Wasted Time, a feel-good, catchy song with a solid tempo, wasn’t intended to be about the current situation living with Covid, but instead a cheeky overview of how we as people “will have a go at anything” even if it is a waste of time. “I personally had many of these moments, thinking do I really know what I am doing, but in true Aussie form keep on going until I realise it’s just one more example of a waste of time,” he says.

“The chorus came from a mate who is also a fellow muso. He is as they say, ‘an ideas man’, but never seems to follow through. Then Covid came along and it seemed to fit the situation where we had so many people sitting around wasting time, including a lot of my mates in the music industry.”

Tony possesses something of an eagle-eye view on the Australian music scene. For more than 45 years he has observed, been witness to, and played his own part in its ever-changing landscape. Wasted Time is taken from his forthcoming album Battlegrounds.

Tony’s story begins back in the Sydney suburbs of Hunters Hill in the 1970s, and from there meanders across miles of the Australian landscape, from town to farm, acre to acre and stage to stage. The ongoing constant in his story is the music. He comes from a long line of hearty, music-loving folk and the tales and traditions of gathering together, performing and storytelling are rife throughout his songwriting style.

“What we all strive for is to be happy, loving, not wanting for much, having enough money to be able to do what we would like, give back to the community and country, care for all, don't be judgmental, never stop loving your family and friends and keep writing wonderful songs!” he says.

Website: Tony Kennelly

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