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Tori Darke—

Tori Darke
Artist: Tori Darke
Track: Pick Me Up
Single: Pick Me Up

Tori Darke’s infectious new anthem, Pick Me Up, is her second single for the year. Ir was written by Tori and Natascha Myers in Nashville. The catchy, quirky tune tells the story of making it through the day knowing you have someone behind you and something to look forward to.

“I’m so excited to release this next track,” says Tori, “I love that my job is to be raw and bring stories to life. Every time I hear this song a flood of feelings flash over me, remembering the writing session in downtown Nashville and how this song came about. This is my Anthem and I hope people roll down their windows, sing it at the top of their lungs and feel what I’m feeling right now."

Tori is a 31-year-old Sydney-based singer–songwriter who recently featured on The Voice featuring a spontaneous duet with Keith Urban’s Stupid Boy.

Tori was a Golden Guitar Award nominee in 2018 for Female Artist of The Year, and has two albums and an EP to her credit. She performed for our troops during three overseas tours to Afghanistan, the United Arab Emirates, and the Solomon Islands.

Website: Tori Darke

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