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Tori Forsyth—

Tori Forsyth
Artist: Tori Forsyth
Track: All We Are
Single: All We Are

Tori Forsyth’s new single All We Are comes after the single, Good Enough, which will be on her highly anticipated third studio album, All We Have Is Who We Are.

Tori says, “All We Are is a track that sets the tone for the entire record. It’s about peeling the layers apart to understand that bad things don’t make you bad and good things don’t make you good,” she says. “You just are. And it’s okay to accept all of the parts of yourself. And at the end of the day, that’s all we have to fall back on.”

All We Are was produced by Scott Horscroft and recorded at The Grove Studios, NSW.

Website: Tori Forsyth

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