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Travis Collins—

Travis Collins
Artist: Travis Collins
Track: Don’t Get Me Started
Single: Don’t Get Me Started

Travis Collin’s first single from his highly anticipated new studio album is Don’t Get Me Started, recorded with Jared Adlam in his Queensland studio. The song was penned with US singer-songwriter, Payton Smith.

As Travis describes the track, “It’s a phrase we’ve all heard, and often say. It’s a lighthearted warning to somebody not to tease or tempt you with something they already know you’re serious about pursuing all the way, or not at all. It could be an opportunity, a forbidden road-trip, a potential relationship or even just a passionate stance on a point of view. We’ve all got something like that in our lives, when it hits the conversation table, we say ‘Don’t Get Me Started’. Writing this track with Payton Smith was awesome, our mutual love of guitar riff driven hooks and melodies really came to the forefront for a feel-good song I’m proud of. Then recording it in the studio with my tour band was a first for my career, and it really lifted it to another place all together. I can’t wait for people to hear!”

Website: Travis Collins

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