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Virjilla Joyce—

Virjilla Joyce
Artist: Virjilla Joyce
Track: Lady in Red
Single: Lady in Red

Virjilla Joyce is excited to release her latest single Lady in Red. Inspired by her Aunt who lost her battle with breast cancer, Virjilla used the power of music to ease her grief and sadness. Sitting in the candlelight with her guitar, the simple melody and lyrics naturally flowed, and Lady in Red was created.

Virjilla says her musical journey started with a nun and a mum with a very good ear, or maybe it was the Filipino karaoke queen within. “I was five years old with an extension cord as a microphone and a big voice,” she says. “Countless choir practises, church solos and school performances were huge highlights of my childhood in a small and beautiful seaside town called Eden. I had the opportunity of a lifetime when I was 12 years old to sing in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games opening ceremony. Along with hundreds of other talented kids and Nicky Webster, we sang Under the Southern Skies.”

“I have a gift that was given to me to share. From a young age I sang at church, school, the local nursing home and anywhere I could find to sing! After singing at a friend’s wedding ceremony, I realised it was my responsibility to share my songs with others. My mission is to create and amplify raw, soulful, and timeless music. I’ve ventured down an unfamiliar road that even in my wildest dreams didn’t seem possible. However, I am here to tell you that it all started with a little girl with a big voice, a huge dream, persistence and a catchy hook. I am proof that anything is possible if you just believe and love what you do,” she says.

Lady in Red was my first original song that came to me in a time of need and it gave me the strength to pursue a lifelong goal of singing for others.”

Virjilla believes she was gifted this song by her Aunt so she feels that she needs to return the gesture by donating $1 from each sale purchase of Lady in Red until the end of this year to The McGrath Foundation which aims to ensure every family experiencing breast cancer has the support of a Breast Care Nurse, no matter where they live for free.

Website: Virjilla Joyce

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