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Vixens of Fall—

Vixens of Fall
Artist: Vixens of Fall
Track: Ain’t Goin’ Home
Single: Ain’t Goin’ Home

Sassy sibling trio Vixens of Fall have released their new single, Ain’t Goin’ Home. The track opens with an in-your-face guitar riff, instantly bucking any preconceived notions that these three might be one trick ponies. “It has been said by some, that we are just ‘whimsy, soft and flowy’ ... that is simply one side of the coin,” declare the Vixens. “This is a small part of the ‘wilder side’ ... don't threaten us with a good time!”

Written alongside their good friend and 2022 Toyota Star Maker winner, Max Jackson, the trio sought a song that reflected their larger-than-life personalities. “There are no ‘next door girl’ vibes here,” they chuckle. “Although we love to sing beautiful ballads and songs from the heart, our stage show is quite different from our previous singles.”

It’s safe to say their efforts were successful. Ain’t Goin’ Home is three and a half minutes of foot stomping, barn burning country music. Partly due to the clever production work of Rod McCormack, the tune jumps out the speakers like a Shania Twain dance hit. “The amount of energy and new ideas that always seem to flood out when we are in the same room for hours at a time, is truly amazing,” they say.

After a run of wildly successful singles, Vixens of Fall have truly made an impression on Australian country music. Their mentor, country music queen, Gina Jeffreys says “the girls are an exciting new act to hit the country music scene like nothing we’ve ever seen before! They are energetic, fun loving gorgeous humans with music that reflects who they really are.”

Website: Vixens of Fall

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