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Wesley Dean—

Wesley Dean
Artist: Wesley Dean
Track: Blood Brothers
Single: Blood Brothers

Nashville-based Aussie artist Wesley Dean has released a special, full-band rendition of his new song Blood Brothers. “Deep longing of nostalgia has always been a fountain of endless creativity for me, and Blood Brothers is about a friendship from birth that was unbreakable, and then broken,” says Wesley. “The line ‘grown up problems kill off the young’ is the heart of the chorus because time’s sleight of hand can sometimes deceive the young into thinking everything lasts forever,” he says.

“Every line in the song has a distinct lucid memory, taking me back to memories of the small country towns where I grew up. The freedom of two pre-teen boys running through paddocks and ‘getting lost in open spaces’, climbing on farm machinery, kicking the football together and talking about girls. I really wanted to convey that sentimental feeling in this song. The distant dream of two best friends who’ll always have ‘the memories of what matters the most’, because even though adulthood dissolved their connection, the imprint of their innocence still exists ‘somewhere in the corridors time.’”

Website: Wesley Dean

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