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Wesley Dean—

Wesley Dean
Artist: Wesley Dean
Track: Never Thought of You
Single: Never Thought of You

Singer songwriter Wesley Dean has released his first single, Never Thought of You, from his forthcoming album. The Australian born, Nashville based musician’s rootsy music blurs the boundaries between country, Americana and organic rock and roll. Never Thought of You is produced by Justin Cortelyou.

Never Thought of You is a song about divorce but also the intention of the song is about how we tend to look at the outward when we want to change ourselves instead of looking inward first,” says Dean. “We think that by changing everything else around us, we might have a better chance at success in whatever we do, but, really from my experience, it’s mostly an inside job and we have to start with looking at ourselves first. My mum and dad were very young when they got married and had me, it must have been tough trying to keep everything together and eventually it crumbled. It’s taken me a while to realise there were no victims in it at all and I find peace in the fact that my mum and dad are happy and free these days.”

Wesley moved to Nashville in early 2021, bringing with him a loving family and ideas for songs written during a period of growth and rebirth, a time that he largely spent off the road during the pandemic, rediscovering his voice and his sound during late-night bursts of creativity. The new music, finished in Nashville with local musicians and songwriters, funnels his classic influences into something modern, breathing fresh life into timeless sounds.

Website: Wesley Dean

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