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Wesley Dean—

Wesley Dean
Artist: Wesley Dean
Track: Gaslighter
Album: Unknown

Gaslighter is Australian singer–songwriter Wesley Dean’s new anthemic single.

Wesley arrived in Nashville in the middle of the covid pandemic, armed with big dreams followed by a business deal that went south. Finding himself stuck without the American support system he was originally promised and no way of returning home due to border closures, he admits there were days he just wanted to give up the dream. He dug deep and chose purpose over panic, renewed his commitment to Nashville and wrote Gaslighter.

Gaslighter is an empowered track that’s more anthemic than angry. “It was like someone was putting me through a test, just to make sure I was really serious about doing this,” says Wesley. “Out of all these negatives came some amazing blessings. Life is made up of those blessings. The beauty is, they reveal themselves in every way as we step further into the unknown.”

Website: Wesley Dean

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